Interesting drama in ZEE TV show

Amaya’s molestation drama in Zee TV’s Kaleerein

Zee TV’s Kaleerein (Triangle Films) will now head towards a major high point of attempt of molestation on Amaya.

As per the plot, Meera (Aditi Sharma) will learn about Pammi Kapoor (Vishavpreet Kaur) and she would go to meet her. Meanwhile, Amaya (Nisha Nayak) will see the laptop on which will have Pammi and Meera’s conversation. She will read it and learn that Meera went to meet Pammi.

The girl will decide to follow Meera. However, during the chase game, Amaya will be kidnapped and molested by few goons.


Who is behind this drama? Will Meera manage to find the culprit?

Unfortunately, we couldn’t connect with the actors for a comment.

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