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Drama galore in Colors show

Ayesha to ruin Sanchi’s plan in Savitri Devi College and Hospital

Get ready to witness some high voltage drama in the upcoming episodes of Colors’ Savitri Devi College and Hospital (Rashmi Sharma Production).

We informed audience that Sanchi (Swarda Thigale) learns that Ayesha’s (Prerna Panwar) motive is to separate her from Veer (Varun Kapoor).

Now, Sanchi and Kabir will conclude that Ayesha is a fake doctor and would decide to investigate her background. Veer will confront Kabir and would ask him to stop provoking Sanchi against Ayesha.

Later, Kabir will find enough evidence to prove that Ayesha is a fake doctor. Meanwhile, Veer will ask Sanchi to change her schedule so that he could spend time with his mother.

Furthermore, Sanchi will be about to reveal Ayesha’s truth with all the information in a pen drive. Sanchi will show everyone how Ayesha changes professions and everyone will be shocked. Later, Ayesha would get a laptop on which she will show pictures of Sanchi in different costumes. Veer will get disheartened and would decide to never see Sanchi again.

What will happen next? Will Sanchi manage to reveal Ayesha’s identity? Is this the end of Veer-Sanchi’s love story?

We buzzed the actors, but could not get through to them.

Watch the episodes to get your answers.

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