Ayushman Bhava Update: Vikrant to BURY Sudheer alive..

Krishna will taste first success when he will instigate a rift between Vikrant and Sudheer in Star Bharat’s Ayushman Bhava.

Ayushman Bhava Update: Vikrant to BURY Sudheer alive..

It’s time for some action-packed revenge in Star Bharat’s reincarnation saga Ayushman Bhava (Citram Screens and White Horse International).

Yes, finally it is the time for the ‘good’ to overpower the ‘evil’!!

And this will be Krishna’s (Sumit Bhardwaj) first big success in his mission for revenge against the baddies!!

Tonight’s episode of Ayushman Bhava will be huge in terms of presentation and also with accordance to the story.

The episode will see high-voltage drama which will literally drag the viewers to the edge of their seats.

And that will happen when the two baddies Vikrant (Manish Goel) and Sudheer (Kapil Srivastav) will lock horns against each other!!

As per a credible source, “Krishna’s first triumph will happen when he will succeed in creating a rift between the two partners in crime, Vikrant and Sudheer. Vikrant will catch Sudheer red-handed and that will be when Vikrant will decide to kill the man.”

We hear that the makers have shot a very engrossing sequence wherein Vikrant will try to bury Sudheer into the ground. If this is not enough, Vikrant will be forcing scorpions to get inside and bite Sudheer.


Our source further states, “Kapil Srivastav who essays the role of Sudheer has won a lot of praise and appreciation in the way he has taken forward his role. And this scene is only the icing on the cake for the fine actor. Kapil did a fabulous job of shooting for the scene where he was required to go deep down into the soil with only his head popping out.”

Will Vikrant succeed in killing Sudheer? Will Krishna have the last laugh?

We buzzed Kapil as well as Manish but could not get through to them.

Watch this space for more updates.


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