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Timnasa or Baalveer: Who will find Baalveer’s successor first on Sony SAB’s Baalveer Returns?

Baalveer Returns: Timansa to discover the existence of Baalveer’s successor Vivaan

Bhayraani Timnasa (Pavitra Punia) on Sony SAB’s Baalveer Returns is leaving no stone unturned to destroy Baalveer’s mission to attain the ultimate power in the world.

In her quest to find Baalveer (Dev Joshi) on earth and kill him, Timnasa plans to trap all the fairies and use them as bait to lure Baalveer, which will eventually help her reveal a shocking truth.

As Baalveer makes his way to Sinsoora planet to save his companions from Timnasa, Shaurya teleports Baalveer right in front of him. Shaurya informs Baalveer that their powers won’t work on Sinsoora and declares that they will strike and destroy Timnasa together by combining the power of two. On the other hand, on Timnasa’s command, Akroor attacks one of the fairies to scare the others where Timnasa takes this opportunity to magically access Netra paris’ memories.

Timansa discovers the existence of Baalveer’s successor, Vivaan (Vansh Sayani), on Earth and commands Bhaymaar (Aditya Ranvijay) to find him and finish him forever.

Will Baalveer be able to save his successor, Vivaan before Timnasa finds him?

Pavitra Punia, essaying the character of Timnasa said, “Timnasa is set to finish Baalveer’s legacy and be the sole owner of the ultimate powers in the world. The upcoming episodes will give a glimpse of ‘Timnasa ka keher’. I am enjoying portraying her character a lot. This antagonist has various shades to her personality and it thrills me as an artist as I get to dwell on them and do justice to her. Timnasa has her eyes on Baalveer’s future and she is set to destroy it.”

Dev Joshi, essaying the character of Baalveer said, “Timnasa’s evil actions has no bounds and she will go on any extent to get what she wants. Little does she know that Baalveer will never give up and would always defeat her. Situation is tense and Baalveer has the onus of protecting his successor. The upcoming episodes will reveal if Baalveer be able to protect him or not?”

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