Sony Entertainment Television’s show Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 is churning the interesting drama in the upcoming episodes. As per the plot, Prachi proposes a plan to settle the dispute between Pihu and Lakhan. Meanwhile, Pihu asks Kapil to attend the Bhumi Poojan ceremony. Raghav gets a surprise when Kapil shows up at the Bhumi Poojan event. Later, the ARP team celebrates their success with their employees.

Later, Josh accuses Prachi of lying about the party and wants to see the CCTV footage of her leaving the office. Soon, Raghav uplifts Prachi and boosts her confidence when he sees her crying. After the office party, Lakhan and Pihu get food poisoning, and Prachi has to take over their responsibilities. Prachi gets late for her date with Josh, but Raghav comes to her help at the last minute.

In the coming episode, LK and Raghav converse when Prachi comes to meet them. Soon, LK informs Prachi that Pihu is upset as Angad went on a date. Prachi reveals to LK that Pihu has feelings for Angad. LK gets shocked and wonders about the same. However, Raghav interrupts them and reveals that Angad and Pihu are just friends.

Will Prachi manage to find out if Pihu loves Angad?

Keep reading for more updates.

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