Barrister Babu will see huge drama at the railway station wherein Anirudh will come closer to finding Bondita.

Barrister Babu Spoiler Alert: Anirudh and Bondita’s hit and miss drama at the railway station

Barrister Babu the popular Colors show produced by Shashi Sumeet Productions has seen Bondita (Aurra Bhatnagar) being taken in a cart to the brothel. We saw how her song drags Anirudh closer to her. However, at the nick of time, she was made unconscious and hid in a flower basket. Hence Anirudh could not see her.

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Now in the coming track, Anirudh will be desperate and will follow few leads that he will get. This will lead him to the railway station wherein Bondita will also be brought.

As per a reliable source, “There will be huge hit and miss drama at the railway station.”

Will Anirudh be able to trace Bondita?

We buzzed actors of Barrister Babu but could not get through.

Watch this space at for updates.

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