Bepanah Pyaarr the Colors show has all that it takes to be called a powerful suspense thriller. Gear up and know what to expect.

Bepanah Pyaarr: Expecting the ‘unexpected’ thrill

Bepanah Pyaarr the Colors thriller show which launches tonight on Colors seems to be the next show on television to grab all eyeballs.

The promos that have come out indeed look spectacular and kindles more interest towards the story line.

So what can we expect from Bepanah Pyaarr?

Well, for now, the viewers have been provided this broad story via the teasers and promos that have aired.

Raghbir Malhotra (Pearl V Puri) is a man who cannot get over his romantic past with his wife Bani (Aparna Dixit).

Bani was not only the apple of Raghbir’s life, but was also loved by one and all in Raghbir’s family. However, a tragic accident separated Raghbir from her and she breathed her last.

What we have got to know is that the show Bepanah Pyaarr will play up with four to five phases in Raghbir’s life, with every phase having a dark past and affecting him in one way or the other.

A time gap of about two years has gone by after the death of Bani, and Raghbir wants to marry for the sake of marrying!! His family wants him to get married to his childhood friend Misha (Mahira Sharma). And when the wedding is about to happen, there comes a third girl in his life, by name Sukanya (Devika Singh) who makes her dramatic entry before his marriage, and announces that Raghbir has had a relationship going on with her too.

Also, the show has the ultimate female lead Pragati played by Ishita Sharma, who will also get into Raghbir’s life as the story progresses!!

So what is it that troubles Raghbir?

Is it that Raghbir has a memory loss? Or is it that he is mentally affected after the death of his wife?

If so, when did he get into a love life with Sukanya?

We hear that Raghbir would have had a phase of life wherein he shifted to London post Bani’s death. And this will be where he would have met Sukanya and they would have been in love.

So if that was the case, why did Raghbir not end up marrying her? Why has he been without a girl in his life for two long years?

Lots of questions that the viewers will be looking forward to address via this show!!

Are you all geared up for the first episode of Bepanah Pyaarr?

We also have our eyes hooked to this one!!

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