Zee TV’s popular show Bhagya Lakshmi, produced by Balaji Telefilms, has seen major twists in the past few days. As seen so far, Rishi (Rohit Suchanti) romantically dances with Malishka to make Lakshmi (Aishwarya Khare) jealous. However, Aayush intervenes with Rishi and Malishka by bringing Paro and Rohan in for a dance. Later, Rohan drags Lakshmi to dance with him, which brings Rishi and Lakshmi close.

In the upcoming episode, you will see Lakshmi cries terribly, whom Shalu consoles. During the birthday party, Rohan was about to get hurt, but Rishi saved him while Lakshmi panicked. After this incident, Lakshmi remembers her son Rohan, who was lost during a past incident. She also panics about Rishi and Malishka’s closeness. Lakshmi expressed her pain to her sister Shalu.

Shalu tries to console Lakshmi and reveals that Rishi purposely danced with Malishka to make her jealous. Karishma, from behind, overhears Lakshmi and Shalu’s conversation, which leaves her confused.

It will be interesting to see how Rishi and Lakshmi will come close and find the truth about their kids.

Bhagya Lakshmi is the story of a girl named Lakshmi, whose life changes after she marries businessman Rishi Oberoi. She feels betrayed when she learns the truth about her marriage and Rishi’s girlfriend. Now Rishi and Lakshmi are separated. Will destiny bring them together?