Bhagya Lakshmi, produced by Balaji Telefilms on Zee TV, showcases the sheer brilliance of storytelling, where every twist and turn adds layers of suspense and intrigue. As per the plot, Rishi and Aayush embark on a mission to gather evidence against Vikrant. They decide to pay a visit to his house in search of proof. Determined to expose his true intentions, Rishi and Aayush leave no stone unturned in their quest for justice.

Aayush searches Vikrant’s room while Rishi looks for proof in Anjana’s room. Aayush drops tea on a few papers and a photo of Saloni and Vikrant while finding the evidence. He checks the photo, and it gets spoilt. Aayush regrets his moves but still takes the photo along to show Rishi. Meanwhile, Vikrant’s maid informs him about Aayush and Rishi’s presence at the house.

In the coming episode, Vikrant finds out that Rishi has got an important evidence against him. His desperate fear of exposure leads him to hire ruthless goons, plotting to kill Rishi and safeguard his secrets.

What will happen next? Will Rishi manage to escape the clutches of death?

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