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Abhishek and Gayatri finally head for their honeymoon on Sony SAB's Bhakharwadi

Bhakharwadi: Abhishek and Gayatri finally head for their honeymoon

Amidst the tension between the newlywed love birds, Gayatri (Akshita Mudgal) and Abhishek (Akshay Kelkar), their families, have found a ray of hope to get the couple back together. Sony SAB’s Bhakharwadi is witnessing a major tussle between the Gokhales and Thakkars where Abhishek as a dutiful son-in-law is supporting the Thakkar family while Gayatri is assisting Anna through thick and thin. The upcoming episodes will take the viewers on a roller coaster of events as the couple head to Alibaug for their much awaited honeymoon.

The Bhakharwadi barons, Mahendra (Paresh Ganatra) and Anna (Deven Bhojani), are yet again in a battle. While both the shops owners are trying to one up each other by creating new ways to boost their sales, Abhishek and Gayatri have now switched sides. Abhishek is helping Mahendra while Gayatri is helping increase Gokhale Bandhu’s sale. On the other hand, Urmila (Bhakti Rathod), suggests Mahendra that the only way to unite the newlywed couple is by sending them on their honeymoon. But will Gayatri agree to it?

In an interesting turn of events, Urmila declares that Gayatri will be accompanied by Bharti while Abhishek will be escorted by Mahendra on this trip. The couple, along with their designated chaperons, make their way to Alibaug. While the group is expecting to relax at a luxurious resort, little do they know that they are in for a surprise!

Will this honeymoon bring Gayatri and Abhishek closer?

Akshita Mudgal, essaying the role of Gayatri, “It was a completely new experience while shooting for the upcoming episodes this week. It was pouring heavily but we all managed to get the shoot done. We had so much fun while shooting the entire sequence. Our lovely audience will enjoy the upcoming episodes as Abhishek and Gayatri head towards their long awaited honeymoon. So keep watching to know how it turns out.”

Akshay Kelkar, essaying the role of Abhishek, “As the shoot was not on our regular set, it was new and a great experience. Adding to the shoot schedule was the extremely heavy downpour. But, we all successfully managed to wrap up and also enjoyed the rain while sipping hot tea. The upcoming episodes are going to be really exciting and I am eager to witness the response from our beloved audience.”

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