Gayatri to learn about Mahendra and Abhishek’s secret on Sony SAB’s Bhakharwadi

Bhakharwadi: Gayatri to learn about Mahendra and Abhishek’s secret

Sony SAB’s slice of life show, Bhakharwadi continues to keep the viewers hooked with its light hearted storyline. Set against the backdrop of Pune, Bhakharwadi is a comical take on ideological differences between a Marathi and Gujarati family competing with each other in the bhakharwadi business and more. With the love birds, Gayatri and Abhishek finally set to tie the knot in the upcoming episodes, the show is about to take an unexpected turn.

The Thakkars and Gokhales are preparing for the much awaited alliance between the families but the ideological differences between Mahendra (Paresh Ganatra) and Anna (Deven Bhojani), strike again. While Anna is inclined towards having a low budget wedding, Mahendra wants to make the wedding grand. In a surprising turn of events, Abhishek (Akshay Kelkar) agrees with Mahendra and joins hands in tricking Anna into spending lavishly for the wedding. Mahendra disguises himself as a journalist and later as a milkman and praises Anna for his popularity and recognition in Pune while telling him that everyone is waiting for this grand occasion. Gayatri (Akshita Mudgal) starts suspecting Mahendra’s disguise and decides to disguise herself as a Sardar ji. She overhears all the men including Mahendra and Abhishek laughing at Anna’s simplicity. Gayatri is furious and upset.

Will Gayatri uncover Abhishek and Mahendra’s scheme in front of Anna? How will this affect Gayatri and Abhishek’s relationship?

Akshita Mudgal, playing the role of Gayatri said, “Gayatri is a principled woman and respects Anna’s ideologies and dedication. Both the families, The Thakkars and The Gokhales are excited for the wedding and it has been so much fun shooting for these episodes. It feels like I’m prepping for my own real wedding! The upcoming episodes will bring a jaw-dropping twist and I want urge all our beloved viewers to stay tuned for it. I want to also thank everyone for the love and support they are giving us. It’s overwhelming.” 

Akshay Kelkar, playing the role of Abhishek said, “The entire vibe on the set has changed. Everyone is cheerful and the set is beautifully decorated. We are all dressed in our finest and enjoying every moment. Abhishek will finally get married to the love of this life. Complications are on their way and it will be exciting for our viewers to witness what will happen next.”

Paresh Ganatra, playing the role of Mahendra said, “Both the families are in celebration mode and the entire set is buzzing with happiness. I’m enjoying shooting for these episodes and eagerly wait for the responses from our viewers on the upcoming episodes.”

Witness the wedding preparations and Gayatri’s reaction on Bhakharwadi every Monday – Friday at 8pm only on Sony SAB

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