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Munna's entry to bring new problems for Anna in Bhakharwadi

Bhakharwadi: Munna’s entry to bring new problems for Anna

Gokhale household is witnessing the calm after a storm! Abhishek (Akshay Kelkar) and Mahendra’s (Paresh Ganatra) effort to disguise as women to keep themselves closer to their loved ones has fired back with their lie getting exposed in front of both the families. Sony SAB’s slice of life show Bhakharwadi is about see dramatic turn of events, with a striking new entry that is bound to bring an exciting change in the upcoming storyline.

Munna (Nikhil Ratnaparkhi), aka Anna’s brother will soon be entering the Gokhale household. Munna, who is the complete opposite of his principled and strict brother, Anna, is set to break the ice between the families by bringing his infectious energy and charm in the show. A street smart man who doesn’t believe in restricting his life with rules, is set to make the viewers groove to his moves and sing his tunes out loud. While Munna is excited to come back home, Anna is perplexed and furious with the news of his arrival after so many years. The real question is who invited Munna? The situation takes a rather surprising turn where Anna partners with his archrival samdhi, Mahendra, to solve this mystery. On the other hand, while the distance between Abhishek and Gayatri (Akshita Mudgal) persists, Abhishek has broken his silence with “Mujhse dosti karogi?”

Why is Anna hesitant of Munna coming back? How will Munna’s arrival bring in a new twist to the script? Well we will have to wait and watch to get answers to all our questions.

Nikhil Ratnaparkhi, essaying the role of Munna said, “I am thrilled to be a part of the Sony SAB’s Bhakharwadi family. The storyline of Bhakharwadi and the slice of life, light hearted element of the show intrigued me. My character, Munna will be very easily distinguishable. Although he is Anna’s brother, they both are poles apart. I’m excited to bring the loud, cheerful and ‘you only live once’ element to the show. Munna’s arrival in the show will bring some unexpected turns and what will they be? Will only be known in the upcoming episodes. So stay tuned.” 

Deven Bhojani, essaying the role of Anna said, “Anna’s brother, Munna making an entry in the Gokhale parivaar will bring some exciting changes to the storyline. Anna is displeased with his arrival and the reasons go back in time which will be eventually revealed in the episodes further with a fun light hearted element to it. I’m excited to work with Nikhil and I look forward to great work ahead as reel brothers. To find out how Anna tries to stop Munna from coming back to Gokhale house, keep watching Bhakharwadi.” 

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