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Sony SAB’s Bhakarwadi will see Bhakti Rathod’s new avatar.

Bhakti Rathod dons a man’s look in Sony SAB’s Bhakharwadi

Sony SAB’s Bhakharwadi is really raising the intrigue levels as the members of Gokhale and Thakkar family are committed in their efforts to bring Abhishek (Akshay Kelkar) and Gayatri (Akshita Mudgal) closer. With one such effort, Urmila (Bhakti Rathod) who plays Gayatri’s mother will be surprising the viewers with an interesting look that she takes up in the upcoming episodes.

With her ongoing attempts to bring Abhishek and Gayatri back together, Urmila decides to disguise as Anna’s (Deven Bhojani) ‘Tau’, who he used to blindly obey. Unable to find where Tau is, Urmila decides to take his look and appear in front of Anna, as his illusion, to change his mind. It will be interesting for the viewers to see Urmila in this new and quirky get up. The character of Tau goes back in time and the look is surely going to impress the audience. Her entire get up incorporates quintessential dressing details of an elderly Maharashtrian man, including the dhoti, Puneri pheta, tilak, bandi and the moustache which gives a lot more authenticity to this character. Tau is surely going to bring a lot of amusement to the story as Urmila attempts to bring in the strong Marathi dialect and mannerisms, in his disguise.

Speaking more about this disguise, Bhakti Rathod said, “It is really interesting to be getting into this disguise of Tau and it is also extremely funny. The character is that of an authentic Marathi man and it has been a little challenging to get the look and voice perfect. Tau is an extremely short tempered man who was as strong as Anna in living a disciplined life. A man who always stood by his word. I am really excited to be doing something different and am looking forward for the audience to witness this new look of Urmila’s as she is definitely going to amuse everyone with her little goof-ups here as well.”

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