Bigg Boss 16 the Colors show has seen the re-entry of Sreejita De happen recently. We also saw Vikkas Manaktala entering the show as wild card entrant. We will see Sreejita in action in the task where Salman Khan asks the contestants to name the Best and the Worst with respect to the entertainment quotient in the show.

Sreejita will be quick to take her call. She will tell that Shalin is not happening as a contestant as he seems to be getting into a loop. Also she will mention that Shalin has been reduced to the status of a ghulam by Tina Datta.

Sreejita will call Shiv as the best entertainer. She will praise him for creating new issues in the house and also getting into things that are not even an issue.

It will be interesting to see how other contestants react to this task and declare their best and worst.

Will Sreejita be appreciated for her comments? Who according to you are the best and the worst entertainers in the house?