In the recent episode of a popular reality show Bigg Boss 17, tensions flared as a heated exchange took place between contestants Ankita Lokhande and Mannara Chopra. The episode unfolded with Ankita making pointed remarks in the presence of Mannara and Isha, casting doubt on Mannara’s credibility.

Ankita’s bold statements revealed an underlying mistrust, warning the other contestants against believing Mannara’s words. “Mannara ke baton pe mat aana. She talks anything about any girl. Today she will support someone and talk good things about her. The next day she will backbite. Don’t trust her. Woh kisi ke trust ki layak nahi hai.”

The situation escalated when Mannara, visibly affected, stood up with folded hands and countered Ankita, asking her to define her own character before casting aspersions on others. This retort seemingly hit a nerve, leading to a verbal volley between the two contestants.

Ankita retaliated by referencing an alleged incident where Mannara reportedly made derogatory remarks about another contestant, Khanzaadi, suggesting a pattern of volatile behavior when faced with opposition. “You were calling Khanzaadi characterless. If anyone goes against you, Mannara, tumhari jal jaati hai,” Ankita stated.

In the earlier episode, Bigg Boss introduces yet another challenge. He claims that a mysterious ghost would influence the actions of the female contestants. Ankita Lokhande, Sana, and Khanzaadi are chosen to participate in this task and gets instructions to dance to the song ‘Mere Dholna’. Bigg Boss declares that they need to select three people each to eliminate from the task and they will be out from winning a special power. Amidst intense disagreements and struggles, the three participants couldn’t complete the task for the fourth round. Bigg Boss stood firm and decides not to cancel the task. Instead, he insists that they must perform the task together and each person will nominate one person for elimination. The contestant remaining at the end of this challenge would be crowned as the king or queen for the task.