High-voltage drama in Sony TV's Jaat Ki Jungi

Bittu to turn Munni’s saviour in Sony TV’s Jaat Ki Jungi

Sony Entertainment Television’s Jaat Ki Jungi (Rashmi Sharma Productions) is giving nail-biting moments to audience with each passing episode.

We have already informed audience about Jyoti (Barkha Singh) and her life partner Vikram’s (Paras Madaan) mastermind plan to kidnap Munni (Madirakshi Mundle). The drama will now see a new twist with Munni getting injured.

As per reliable source, “Bhaiyaji (Yash Tonk) will manage to find Munni in the jungle. He will promise Munni to take everyone safely home. However, after Muuni would leave, Pratap (Aarya Dharamchand Kumar) will order his associates to beat Bittu (Vishal Vashishtha) and Vikram. Audience will be treated with an amazing fight sequence between them.”

Later, Pratap will also command his associates to kill Vikram, soon Bittu will come in front to save him. But within a span of time Munni will push Bittu and the bullet will hit her. Munni’s brothers will get shaken after seeing their sister lying in a pool of blood. Bittu will rush Munni to the hospital.

Furthermore, we hear that doctors will inform Bittu about Munni serious condition. Bittu’s blood group will match with that of Munni’s and he will save her by donating blood.

Bhaiyaji will learn about Bittu’s good deed. He will thank him for saving his sister’s life.

What will happen next? Will Munni learn about Bittu being her saviour?

We tried reaching Madirakshi but she was busy shooting.

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