Colors’ show update: Devanshi on a new mission

The show will see a dramatic turn…

Colors’ show update: Devanshi on a new mission

Colors popular show Devanshi (Full House Media) will see some high-voltage drama in the upcoming episodes.

Audiences have already seen how Devanshi’s (Helly Shah) faith in Maiyya and her fast brought rainfall in the village of Jwalapuri. But when she returned home, she found everything in disarray and gloom, and ended up stumbling upon a shocking visual of Menka in Vardaan’s (Mudit Nayyar) arms.

Now, in the coming plot, loyal viewers will witness Vardaan remembering nothing about being with Menka. He will be glad that Devanshi is fine and back home after observing fast.

However, Devanshi will begin to suspect the intentions of Menka and Kulakshini bua (Kusum Sundari), as odd occurrences would continue to happen around them. Devanshi will discuss with Nutan (Reema Vohra) if there is a possibility of some truth in her blame upon Menka and Bua. She will also hatch a plan to find the truth about Menka and Bua.

Will Devanshi be able to find out about Menka and Kulakshini Bua?

The actors remained unavailable for a comment.

Watch this space for more updates.

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