High voltage drama in SAB TV show

The curious case of Sanjeev’s missing slipper in SAB TV’s Mangalam Dangalam

SAB TV’s Mangalam Dangalam produced by Ashvini Yardi’s Viniyard Films has successfully kept the viewers hooked on to their TV screens with interesting drama.

Audience recently saw Rumi (Manisha Rawat) and Arjun (Karanvir Sharma) happily get married.

Now, in the forthcoming drama, both the families will stay together post the marriage. Rumi and Arjun would be getting romantic and soon Sanjeev will spoil their romance. He would tell them that his slipper is missing. However, Rumi will help him in finding the same. However, he will get angry and will create drama in the house.

Soon, Arjun’s father will enter and he would inform everyone that he has worn the slipper. This will make Sanjeev angry.

What will happen next? How will this drama settle down?

We buzzed actors, but could not get through.

Watch this space for more updates.

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