Check out Dangal TV's popular show Dalchini's latest episode spoiler, where you will see that Dalchini gets drunk, which results in Rajrani's insult.

Dalchini Episode 51 Spoiler: Dalchini Drinks  Alcohol, Rajrani Gets Insulted

In Dangal TV’s popular show Dalchini viewers are witnessing intense drama. Now, you will see that Dalchini starts coughing badly, so Rajrani orders her to drink the syrup there in her room. Witnessing this, Kalak plans a new conspiracy and replaces the cough syrup with alcohol. Dalchini goes to the room and drinks alcohol, which she finds weird, but she drinks all in a hurry.

Soon Dalchini comes to the Kirten and meets the ladies who have come. One of the ladies finds a foul smell from Dalchini and says she is drunk. This leaves everyone in shock while Rajrani debates that Dalchini has not done this, but the ladies disagree. Then, to prove Dalchini’s innocence, Rajrani asks her to bring the cough syrup she had. Dalchini soon brings the bottle and shows it to everyone, which leaves everyone in shock. Rajrani reveals that she has mistakenly drank Alcohol in place of syrup. Dalchini shares that she can’t read or write.

However, Rajrani begs pardon from the ladies and asks to continue the kirten, but Tej stops Rajrani from doing so as this is not her fault. But the ladies don’t agree with Tej, and they stop the program, say this is their punishment, and take the Mata Rani with them. At the same time, Rajrani can’t stop sobbing. Later, Dalchini begs pardon from Tej, but he leaves the room, saying he can’t take this. Kala feels happy about the success of her plan. Later, Dalchini decides to regain respect for Rajrani.

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