Check out the popular show Dalchini's latest episode number 54 spoiler, where you will see that Sarabjeet Bua Ji challenges Dalchini to make herself capable of Tej.

Dalchini Episode 54 Spoiler: Aunt Sarabjeet Challenges Dalchini

In Dangal TV’s popular show Dalchini viewers are witnessing intense drama. Now you will see that Dalchini says to Sarabjeet Bua Ji that she will prove herself capable of Tej, and only then will she marry him again. Then Bua Ji challenges her; if she doesn’t pass this test, Tej will marry Kala.

Stressed, Dalchini puts clothes for drying, then Kala comes to her and says she will make herself lose all the tasks so her sister can marry Tej. But Dalchini suggests Kala give her best in all the tasks as Dalchini is confident that she has Tej’s support, and then she will win this. At the same time, Kala ensures that Dalchini loses this competition.

On the other hand, Bua Ji tells Rajrani it’s good that she called her home so they both can take Dalchini out of Tej’s life. Rajrani asks Tej to talk with Bua Ji so that she will not take this competition, but Dalchini stops him and says that with his support, she will win and prove that she is capable of Tej. All the family members support Dalchini, and Rajrani reveals that the first task is fine dining.

Soon, all the family members teach Dalchini how to eat, walk, and talk. And Dalchini learns all these things quickly. Then the time comes for the competition. Kala shows her good dance and impresses Bua Ji. She also spread powder on the ground so that Dalchini would fall. As Dalchini starts her dance, she gets imbalanced.

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