Colors TV’ new show Doree, produced by Jay Productions is ruling hearts with interesting storylines. As seen so far, Mansi puts in great effort to save Agni from quicksand. Agni agrees to stay after seeing Mansi’s concern for Doree. Agni aka Ganga returns to the basti. Doree is relieved and hugs Agni and pleads for him not to leave. Everyone is shocked by Agni’s change of heart. Mansi observes Doree and Agni together, and they all proceed to do the aarti.

Kailashi Devi is shocked to find a snake on the Shivling during Jal Abhishek. Purohit instructs her to fetch Ganga Jal from the river. Meanwhile, in the basti, Pandit asks Agni to get Ganga Jal as well. Kailashi Devi and Agni both head to the river with their respective containers. Kailashi Devi and Ganga narrowly miss each other while fetching Ganga Jal, and Agni saves Kailashi Devi from a bike accident. Later, Sattu witnesses Agni and Kailashi Devi’s interaction and rushes to inform Doree.

In the coming episode, Kailashi Devi is exhausted and confides with Anand about Agni, but Anand spreads snakes on the ground. Doree rushes to the Haveli and at the same time Ganga is attacked by a snake as he rushes to the gate. Doree encounters snakes blocking her path but plays her damru, causing them to retreat. Later, Kailashi Devi and Mahendra sit for pooja, but Kailashi Devi is terrified by another snake hiss.

The social drama ‘Doree’ traces the story of a six-year-old girl named Doree, who lives with her foster father, Ganga Prasad (role essayed by Amar Upadhyay) in the Bunkar mohalla, Varanasi. While Ganga Prasad counts himself lucky to have a daughter, the ruler of Varanasi’s handloom empire, Kailashi Devi Thakur deems daughters as unworthy. Set against the backdrop of Varanasi, the makers decided to shoot few sequences in the holy city of Varanasi.