Elaichi to address an issue in the SAB TV show.

Elaichi to give self defense lessons in SAB TV’s Jijaji Chhat Per Hain

SAB TV’s Jijaji Chhat Per Hain (Edit II) has been offering many fascinating twists and turns.

The show will soon witness an interesting phase where Elaichi (Hiba Nawab) will do something worthy that will benefit the society at large.

In the forthcoming drama, Chandni Chowk’s local minister’s nephew will mock at few girls and Elaichi too. Soon, Elaichi will plan to teach a lesson to such guys of the society.

She will initiate and give self defense lessons to the girls of the area. The girl will plan to experiment her skills on Pancham (Nikhil Khurana). This will lead to rib-tickling moments for the viewers wherein they would hit Pancham.


Will the guy manage to save himself from the girls’ punches?

Watch this hilarious track on the show.


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