The track of hypnotism will happen in the Star Bharat show.

Falguni to be ‘hypnotized’ in Star Bharat’s Jiji Maa

Star Bharat’s popular show Jiji Maa (Jay Productions) will see an interesting track wherein Uttara (Pallavi Pradhan) will decide to get Falguni’s (Tanvi Dogra) uterus surgery done before she would get to enjoy marital life with Suyash (Dishank Arora).

Yes, the last week drama had Uttara facing the major shock of getting to know about Falguni not going through the uterus surgery the last time around. With Falguni still not aware about it, Uttara will want to take advantage of it and get the surgery done as soon as possible.

As per sources, “Uttara will scheme and plot and find a way to take Falguni to the hospital for the surgery. She will realize that it has to be done without Falguni knowing of it. Hence she will decide to take the aid of hypnotism to keep Falguni away from the truth.”

Yes, you heard it right!!

The coming track will have drama around Falguni getting hypnotized.

Uttara will bring in a doctor to hypnotize Falguni, and take her to the hospital under the effect of hypnotism.

Will hypnotism work on Falguni? Will Falguni’s surgery happen? Or will Falguni be able to lead blissful life with Suyash?

We buzzed the actors, but could not get through to them.

Watch this space for more updates.

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