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A game of chess between Gopi and Sameera will get dangerous and dirty in Star Plus’ Saathiya

Game of Death: It’s Gopi V/s Sameera in a dangerous chess game in Star Plus’ Saathiya

Star Plus’ long-running and much-loved show, Saath Nibhana Saathiya produced by the renowned producer Rashmi Sharma is on its way out after enjoying a fabulous run!!

The show has been a huge trend-setter, and recreated the belief that ‘saas- bahu sagas’ can continue to reign and rule prime times!!

Well, the popular show will have a huge ending which will be an unbelievable and surprising culmination track to witness!!

The finale track will have Gopi (Devoleena Bhattacharjee) and Sameera (Priya Tandon) coming face to face for a huge ‘battle of death’!!

Yes, and the battle of death will happen in a game of chess, to be played between the two characters.

As per a source, “This will be a crucial and the biggest track in Saathiya seen so far. It will involve a live chess game being played between the characters, wherein the living room of the Modi house will be converted into a chess board. The game will be played by Gopi and Sameera, and the person who would lose the game would lose his life along with the team-mates.”

Wow!! This sounds really cool!!

We at have more information on this game…

We hear that Sameera would inject everyone in the Modi house except for Gopi with a medicine that will paralyze everyone. With them being confined to wheel chairs, the game will begin.

While Gopi’s team will comprise of all her family members including Jaggi (Mohammad Nazim) bound to their wheel chairs, Sameera’s team will be typical lifeless pawns as seen in a real chess game. Gopi’s family members will be placed on their wheel chairs on the game board with Gopi given the task of moving her pawns.

Now, while every right move will help the person to get closer to winning, ever wrong move will indeed be dangerous!! We say so, because if a person would make a wrong move, she will activate a bomb that will be attached to their pawns. So, many mistakes will ultimately result in the bomb killing all lives.

OMG!! So who will win this chess battle? Will Sameera play the right moves? Or will Gopi be smarter?

We buzzed the actors, but could not get through to them.

Watch this space for more updates.

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