Sony Entertainment Television’s show Hum Rahein Na Rahein Hum leaves no stone unturned to entertain viewers with its gripping storyline. As per the plot, Maan is in a coma, and Surilii is on a mission to discover the culprit behind Veera’s death. However, amidst this drama, Surilii learns about the happy news. Surilii finds out that she is pregnant. She calls her maasi and informs Damayanti and her maasi about her pregnancy news.

Shivendra runs into his ex-girlfriend Roshni once again. Shivendra drops Roshni home and discovers that she has a son. Soon, Shiv learns that Roshni has cancer, and she is hiding the same from her son. Shiv asks Roshni to get back with Mohit’s father as she needs him in difficult times. However, Roshni reveals to Shiv that he is Mohit’s father.

In the coming episode, Shiv’s world shatters as he grapples with the revelation of being Mohit’s father. Triggered by his own childhood marked by the absence of a father figure, Shiv takes a firm decision. Shiv comes to meet Roshni and Mohit. In front of Roshni, Shiv vows to take responsibility for his son’s welfare and care, stepping into the role of a father that he never had.

Will Surilii learn about Shiv being Mohit’s father?

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