Imlie the Star Plus show produced by 4 Lions Films has seen engaging drama with Atharva (Karan Vohra) and Imlie (Megha Chakraborty) having feelings for each other, but have been going through troubled times and have not been able to communicate their feelings to the other.

As we know, Cheeni (Seerat Kapoor) has been behaving as though she has a changed mind. She seems to be happy with Atharva and Imlie being together. But heart of hearts, she plans to take out Imlie from Atharva’s life. For this, she put Imlie’s life in danger when she invited Atharva and Imlie for Valentine’s event.

Imlie is inside a hot air balloon which goes up in the air, and she gets into trouble when the rope tied to it is cut. Cheeni will plan to create a danger to Imlie in this manner.

The coming episode will see Atharva too getting into the balloon at the last second, just before it could go into the air. Their ride in the balloon will be rather eventful as Atharva and Imlie will talk about their bond. Atharva will present Imlie with a red rose and ask her to accept his friendship.

Imlie and Atharva will promise to be friends for life.

Will this be a new beginning for them?