Imlie is one of the top shows on the television. The audience has been showering Imlie and Atharva with love. The show has taken a dramatic turn post the leap. Megha Chakraborty and Karan Vohra play the protagonist where as Seerat Kapoor is the antagonist. The current track revolves around Cheeni trying to separate Imlie & Atharv once & for all. Imlie and Atharva dance with happiness as they toast their newfound connection on the hot air balloon as they celebrate Valentine’s Day. Cheeni’s mastermind plan gets activated and the balloon suddenly crashes, things get out of hand.

From the recently aired promo of Imlie by Star Plus, fans will witness Imlie loses her memory. This incident happens when Imlie is going to expose Cheeni but Cheeni causes harm to Imlie by dropping the jhoomar on her, where Imlie suffers injuries and ends up in the hospital. She can only recall becoming Atharva’s wife, and now she has to perform the post-marriage ceremonies alongside him. This shocks the rest of the family, especially Cheeni and Atharva. It will be intriguing to see the twists and turns that will take place in the lives of Imlie, Atharva and Cheeni!

Has Imlie really lost her memory or is Imlie trying to let Cheeni taste her own medicine?

Imlie is produced by Four Lions Films. The show airs on Star Plus at 8.30pm from Monday to Sunday.