Imlie the Star Plus show produced by Gul Khan’s 4 Lions Films has seen the shocking drama of Jyoti (Vaibhavi Kapoor) being forced to eat the same food that she poisoned to give Madhav. With this, Jyoti is taken to the hospital for treatment. It so happens that Madhav too is in the same hospital.

The coming drama will see Jyoti finding it as a blessing in disguise, as after recovering from the bout of poison, she will decide to end Madhav’s life. She will silently get into the room of the unconscious Madhav to inject him so that he never gets up.

Meanwhile, Imlie in the disguise of Carry will also be in the same hospital. She would have come to meet Madhav and know the truth from him. However, Imlie will also be aware of the risk hovering around Madhav’s life, with Jyoti planning her moves.

Can Imlie save Madhav and expose Jyoti?

As we know, there have been differences between Imlie and Aryan owing to the doubt over Madhav being the father of the kid growing in Imlie.