Interesting twist in Sony TV show

Prithvi to defeat Tailap and emerge as the new king of Malwa in Prithvi Vallabh

Sony Entertainment Television’s Prithvi Vallabh (Writer’s Galaxy) is gearing up for a huge battle between Malwa and Manyakhet.

Viewers will get a visual treat as the war will keep them to the edge of their seats.

As per the credible source, “The war will commence between Malwa and Manyakhet wherein Sindhu (Sunil Kumar Palwal) will get entrapped in the strategy laid out by Tailap (Jitin Gulati). Prithvi (Ashish Sharma) will  be about to leave in the search of Gajkesari when Kantak would arrive there and Prithvi would sense the danger. Prithvi will join the battle and Tailap would get defeated and is held captive.”

Later, Singhdant (Pawan Chopra) will announce Prithvi as the new king of Malwa and he will ask for the compensation of the damages done to Malwa in exchange for Tailap’s release. After being dissuaded by Vinayaditya (Surendra Pal) to attack Malwa to release Tailap, Mrinal (Sonarika Bhadoria) will agree to pay the compensation but would leave Manyakhet without informing anyone to an unknown destination.

Furthermore, Tailap will reach Manyakhet and find Mrinal missing from the palace. Mrinal would reach Africa to seek help for her next mission against Malwa.

What will happen next? Will the African leader help Mrinal?

Watch the intriguing drama this weekend.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t reach the actors for a comment.

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