Amidst all the song and dance performances, Jay and Jaya will indulge in a tiff in the SAB TV show.

Jay and Jaya’s ‘mehendi’ tiff in SAB TV’s Sajan Re Phir Jhoot Mat Bolo

SAB TV’s Sajan Re Phir Jhoot Mat Bolo (Optimystix) is going through the wedding season which is being decked up with lot of song and dance performances.

Recently, media was abuzz with the news of popular actress Dipika Kakkar performing for the show.

We now hear of the entire family dancing and performing on the RJ Malishka song ‘Mumbai tula BMC war Bharosa nai kay’ with apt lyrics.

As per sources, “During the mehendi sequence, Jaya (Parvati Vaze) will ask Jay (Hussain Kuwajerwala) to identify his name in the mehendi placed in her hand. However, Jay will not be able to identify and this will anger Jaya. Jaya will question Jay as to how he will manage her for the entire life if he is not able to find one name in the mehendi.”

In order to convince Jaya, the family members will devise a plan and will sing and perform to the number ‘Jaya, tume Jay pe bharosa nai kya’….At the end of the song, Jaya will get convinced and she will forgive Jay.

Aww!! So cute….

The other star-studded attractions will be the performance of Dipika and Jay for the number ‘Dilli Wali Girl friend’. The winning team of Dance Plus, V Company will do the Ganpati Aarti and will also perform with Jaya on the number ‘Break Up Kar liya’…

There will also be a romantic song between Jay and Jaya.

We buzzed actors, but could not get through to them.

Watch this space for more updates.


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