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Upcoming track of SAB TV show

Jaya faces hurdles to get into medical college in Sony SAB’s ‘Sajjan Re Phir Jhooth Mat Bolo’

Post Jaya’s memory loss there has been many twists and turns in Sony SAB’s show ‘Sajjan Re Phir Jhooth Mat Bolo’.  

In the upcoming track Jaya (Parvati Vaze) still thinks she is a young girl and is seeking admission in a college. She examines her results and is astonished as to why 89% has been printed while has secured 92%. To amend her marks, Jaya tries to enquire at the college but gets some strange answers since Deepak has made arrangements to get all the calls transferred on his phone!

Jaya decides to visit the college along with Lokhande (Sharad Ponkshe) to speak to the Dean regarding her admissions.  Meanwhile Deepak requests Paramveer Chopra (Tiku Talsania) to act as the dean but mixes the costumes gets a peons costume in his size and forgets to get the Dean’s costume.  Having no option, Paramveer becomes the peon adding more laughter. Jaya in anger asks the peon as to why her forms are not accepted and he insanely tears her form saying she cannot become a doctor since she doesn’t write well and asks Jay (Hussain Kuwajerwala) and other students to move to the dean’s cabin.

Jaya being clueless to what’s going on, enters the dean’s office where PC comes out in a get up of Sardaar Ji. She questions him to the reason for her not getting the admission and he cajoles her saying that a personal interview is required to clear the admission test.

Will Jaya be able to clear the personal interview and get into the medical college of her dreams?

Speaking of the track, actor Parvati Vaze playing the character of Jaya said,” The show is at a critical juncture as my character has lost her memory and Jay along with others tries hard to get it back. It will be interesting to see how my past and present are getting more intertwined and how it will affect my future too.”

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