Jubilee Talkies: Shohrat. Shiddat. Mohabbat the Sony TV show produced by Saurabh Tewari’s Parin Multimedia has seen engaging drama with Shivangi (Khushi Dubey) being determined to meet Ayaan (Abhishek Bajaj). We saw her revealing to Tara about Ayaan being in the company of Ira. Tara brought Ayaan back from his special date, which made Ayaan angry. He sacked Shivangi from her job at Jubilee Talkies. The mother and daughter were sent away from the set. We wrote about Shivangi entering Ayaan’s home in the disguise of a cleaner in order to meet Ayaan. However, she was soon exposed and caught. But Tara’s eyes fell on her and she decided to give Shivangi a big responsibility.

The upcoming episode will see Tara appointing Shivangi to be the Personal Assistant of Ayaan who will follow him to all places he goes. Shivangi will be very happy with the job offer and will immediately take it. This will result in Shivangi and her mother getting a stylized re-entry into Jubilee Talkies, this time with all the respect.

AG will be shocked to see Shivangi being his Personal Assistant on the sets. He will give her some shocking errands to run through, on the thought that she will not be able to do it and will quit the job.

Will Shivangi be able to hold on to her job? How will Ayaan and Shivangi’s bond grow with time?

Jubilee Talkies Shohrat. Shiddat. Mohabbat promises to defy expectations with its captivating portrayal of love, drama, and intrigue, putting the spotlight on an unexpected love story of an influential superstar, Ayaan Grover, and a smalltown theatre owner, Shivangi Sawant, whose worlds collide in a whirlwind romance. Abhishek Bajaj plays the Superstar Ayaan Grover while Khushi Dubey is the ordinary girl with big dreams, Shivangi.