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Krishnadevaraya to welcome Rama in his court in Tenali Rama

SAB TV’s latest folklore series Tenali Rama (Contiloe) is riding high with popularity within the masses for its unique storyline.

The story of Pandit Rama (Krishna Bharadwaj,) who hails from a small village called Tenali, has reached the royal kingdom of Vijayanagar only to become part of the royal courtroom of King Krishnadevaraya (Manav Gohil). Audiences have already seen Rama being convicted for fake allegation of robbery by Pandit Tattacharya (Pankaj Berry).

Now, the king has given three days time to Rama to prove his innocence.

In the coming episode, Rama will learn about Kotwal’s assistant Gopanna being the real culprit. Hence, he will decide to expose his evil deeds in front of the king.

Rama will claim Kotwal being the real culprit in front of the king. However, the assistant, who would have committed the crime to hog limelight, will be left dejected on not being able to succeed in his sly ploy. Hence, he will decide to bring Rama to his side and plan a bigger robbery to get famous.

Rama will also join him and trick him with his intelligence to prove his innocence. Rama will tell Gopanna the wrong route which will take him to King’s courtroom. This will prove Rama’s innocence by establishing on Gopanna being the real culprit.

The king will welcome Rama in his court as the Vidhushak.

What will happen when Tattacharya would learn about Rama entry in the king’s good books?

We called Krishna but he was busy shooting for the show.

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