Mahira plans to kill Preeta but her plan backfires in Zee TV show Kundali Bhagya. Read here for more details.

Kundali Bhagya Update: Mahira’s plan to backfire

Kundali Bhagya, the popular Zee TV show produced by Balaji Telefilms, has successfully managed to create an impression via its diverse and unique concept.

As we reported earlier, Mahira (Swati Kapoor) and Sherlyn (Ruhi Chaturvedi) will plan to kill Preeta and will plot a road accident.

Now, in the storyline, Mahira pushes Preeta, but Srishti reaches on time and manages to save her sister from the accident. However, it so happens that when Srishti pushes Preeta to save her, Mahira gets trapped as she is standing behind Preeta, and so instead, the girl’s head gets banged. Mahira gets injured in the car accident. The girl’s plan backfires and Sherlyn gets shocked.

What will happen next?

Watch this space at for updates.

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