Fun drama in Colors show

Laddoo to fool Roopa and Yumraj in Belan Wali Bahu

Colors latest offering Belan Wali Bahu (Shoonya Square Productions) is leaving no stone unturned to impress audience with intriguing drama.

Loyal viewers can gear up for another fun episode.

As per a source, “Yumraj will decide to take Laddoo (Dheeraj Sarna) to Yumlok. However, Laddoo will decide to fool Yumraj. He will convince him that Roopa (Krystle D’souza) is the real spirit.”

Meanwhile, he will tell Roopa that she has to go to the cremation ground with a candle. As she will follow all instructions, Roopa will fall into Laddoo’s trap. The drama will build as Yumraj will get convinced that Roopa is the spirit and it would try to take her to Yumlok.

But will Laddoo’s trick work? Will Roopa be taken to Yumlok?

Watch the fun and drama unfold tonight.

We buzzed the actors but they busy shooting for the series.

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