Lockdown Ki Lovestory will see Nutan and Subhadra locking horns over the sensitive issue of dowry. Read here.

Lockdown Ki Lovestory Spoiler Alert: Subhadra agrees to Nutan’s dowry demands

Lockdown Ki Lovestory the Star Plus show produced by Rashmi Sharma Productions is presently seeing Dhruv (Mohit Malik) and Sonam (Sana Sayyad) getting excited for their pre-wedding shoot.

However, Nutan (Jayati Bhatia) will throw a huge bomb when she will ask Subhadra (Kashish Duggal Paul) for huge money as dowry.

Well, as we know, Nutan is not greedy for money but her only motive behind this act is to stop the wedding from happening. Nutan will believe that Subhadra will now react and will cancel the wedding.

However, the opposite of this will happen, as Subhadra will be more concerned for her daughter getting the love of her life, and will agree to give Nutan the dowry money.


What will Nutan do now?

We buzzed actors of Lockdown Ki Lovestory but could not get through.

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