Mandira to get drunk & seduce Vijay in Saam Daam Dand Bhed

Interesting twist in Star Bharat show Saam Daam Dand Bhed with Mandira and Vijay getting involved in a close moment.

Mandira to get drunk and seduce Vijay in Star Bharat’s Saam Daam Dand Bhed

Star Bharat’s Saam Daam Dand Bhed (Shakuntalam Telefilms) is leaving no stone unturned to impress audience.

As seen so far, Bulbul (Aishwarya Khare) tells Vasu to move on after she reads Yug’s letter; at night, Bulbul and Vijay (Bhanu Uday) try to spend time together behind Mandira’s (Sonal Vengurlekar) back.

Now, Bulbul will steal the bracelet from Mandira in order to collect evidence. Meanwhile, Vijay will ask Bulbul to stall Mandira while he would go through her cupboard for the evidence. Later, Vijay will try to be romantic after he would accidentally message Mandira instead of Bulbul.

Furthermore, Bulbul will plan Vijay’s birthday so that they can get Mandira drunk and find the evidence. However, Mandira will decide to take Vijay out for dinner. She will get drunk and try to seduce Vijay, which will leave him shocked.

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