Mangal Lakshmi the Colors television show produced by Panorama Entertainment has seen engaging drama with the time ticking by, for the wedding of Lakshmi (Sanika Gaikwad) and Kartik (Sshubham Dipta). As we know, Kartik finally got the opportunity and the courage to reveal before Lakshmi that he loved Jiya and did not want to marry her. Lakshmi was shattered by this truth, and wanted to stop the marriage. She tried her best to tell it to her sister Mangal (Deepika Singh), but in vain.

Eventually, when she told the truth about Kartik being in love with Jiya, she told it not before Mangal but before Adit (Naman Shaw).

The upcoming drama will see Adit getting shocked at knowing it. Adit will, however, tell Lakshmi that Kartik and Lakshmi cannot stop the wedding now, as it is too late. Adit will tell Lakshmi that they are at the mandir and the wedding will happen in the next few minutes. At this juncture, they cannot afford their family image to be tarnished with the marriage stopping. Adit will threaten Lakshmi that she has to marry Kartik, failing which he will divorce Mangal.

Mangal Lakshmi Ep 94 30th May Written Episode Update

Lakshmi tried her best to tell Mangal about Kartik being in love with Jiya. However, Mangal was so involved in the wedding preparations that she could not get time out to listen to Lakshmi.

What will happen now?

Set in Delhi, ‘Mangal Lakshmi’ is a heartwarming story of love and sacrifice, capturing the journey of two sisters, who claim respect for each other. The show is produced by Suzanna Ghai’s Panorama Entertainment. Mangal is the epitome of every Indian woman who flawlessly manages her household duties while fiercely loving her family, especially her sister. Wise beyond her age, Mangal’s Lakshmi runs her father’s garment shop after the demise of her parents, deprived of affection from her extended family.