Mangal Lakshmi the Colors show produced by Panorama Entertainment has seen engaging drama with Lakshmi (Sanika Gaikwad) and Mangal (Deepika Singh) getting into a tough situation with Adit (Naman Shaw) turning the tables and proving his innocence, when Lakshmi told the family about Adit and Saumya’s closeness. This angered Mangal and she asked Lakshmi not to interfere in Adit’s matter.

We saw how Lakshmi got into a problem situation when Nitin attacked her. His room was filled up with Lakshmi’s pictures and he wanted to advance towards her. Lakshmi tried calling her sister, but Nitin took her phone away.

The coming episode will see Lakshmi escaping from Nitin’s clutches and running on the road. She will be extremely tense when she will bump into Kartik (Sshubham Dipta). Kartik will make her ease her tension and will ask her what troubled her. Lakshmi will tell Kartik that she is running from goons.

Kartik will also be troubled as his mother has forced him not to meet Jiya. Jiya on the other hand, tried to kill herself, and Kartik reached her house at the right time.

Mangal Lakshmi Ep 39 5th April Written Episode Update

Lakshmi went to take measurements and was shocked to see Nitin there. Nitin tried to misbehave with Lakshmi.

What will happen now?

Set in Delhi, ‘Mangal Lakshmi’ is a heartwarming story of love and sacrifice, capturing the journey of two sisters, who claim respect for each other. The show is produced by Suzanna Ghai’s Panorama Entertainment. Mangal is the epitome of every Indian woman who flawlessly manages her household duties while fiercely loving her family, especially her sister. Wise beyond her age, Mangal’s Lakshmi runs her father’s garment shop after the demise of her parents, deprived of affection from her extended family.