Mangal Lakshmi the Colors television show produced by Panorama Entertainment has seen engaging drama with Kartik (Sshubham Dipta) getting married to Lakshmi (Sanika Gaikwad). Kartik tried his best to request Lakshmi to tell the truth to Mangal (Deepika Singh) and stop the wedding. However, as we know, Lakshmi was threatened by Adit (Naman Shaw), who forced her to keep quiet. In the similar manner, it was Adit who stopped Kartik from making any hasty decision before marriage. He indirectly blackmailed Kartik to take into consideration his mother’s health.

The upcoming episode will see Lakshmi and Kartik going through the post-wedding rituals. Adit will have a problem around the corner when it will be revealed that Saumya (Jia Mustafa) was the one who had stolen the mangalsutra. As we know, the mangalsutra kept was not to be seen, and Mangal made a mangalsutra out of the God’s sacred thread.

Saumya will dress up as a bride, and will come in front of Adit, asking him to marry her. She will have the mangalsutra in hand too, and will force Adit to give her the rights of being his wife.

Mangal Lakshmi Ep 99 4th June Written Episode Update

Lakshmi remained silent and Adit stopped Kartik from stopping the wedding. The wedding of Lakshmi and Kartik happened. Mangal and others were extremely happy.

What will Adit do?

Set in Delhi, ‘Mangal Lakshmi’ is a heartwarming story of love and sacrifice, capturing the journey of two sisters, who claim respect for each other. The show is produced by Suzanna Ghai’s Panorama Entertainment. Mangal is the epitome of every Indian woman who flawlessly manages her household duties while fiercely loving her family, especially her sister. Wise beyond her age, Mangal’s Lakshmi runs her father’s garment shop after the demise of her parents, deprived of affection from her extended family.