Check out Dangal TV's popular show Mann AtiSundar's latest episode, number 156, where the audience will see that Radhika finds a big truth about her kidnapping

Mann AtiSundar Episode 156 Spoiler: Radhika Finds Big Truth About The Kidnapping

In Dangal TV’s popular show Mann AtiSundar, viewers enjoy intense drama with an interesting storyline. Now, the viewers will see that Radhika gets accused of stealing a gold bangle, which Divyaam denies. He asks everyone to check Kali’s place. But with her smart trick, Kali mixes the bangles with Bua Ji’s stuff, and later, everyone finds the bangles at her.

Later on, Radhika’s innocence is proved in front of everyone, and then Divyaam asks Bua Ji to apologise to Radhika. After that, Radhika and Divyaam indulge in a cute banter in the kitchen, and they get wet due to the broken tap and a romantic moment is created between them. Later, the kidnappers call Kali, which she picks up mistakenly. On the other hand, Radhika also picks up a call and overhears everything.

With this, Radhika understands that someone from the family members had got her kidnapped. Radhika decides that she will unveil this truth in front of everyone anyhow. To execute her plan, Radhika becomes Santa Claus and gives presents to everyone. But a mischievous kid removes Radhika’s beard, which Kali goes to see.

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