Check out Dangal TV's popular show Mann AtiSundar's latest episode number 160 spoiler, where the audience will see that Divyaam gets into a fight with Bua Ji for Radhika.

Mann AtiSundar Episode 160 Spoiler: Divyaam Fights With Bua Ji For Radhika

In Dangal TV’s popular show Mann AtiSundar, viewers are witnessing intense drama. Now you will see that Kali comes out of the house and sees two police officers have come to arrest her. The police officers start dragging Kali, and then Radhika hears the commotion and comes out to see. Radhika’s appearance scares the fake police officers, and they run away. The next morning, Bua Ji orders Divyaam to stay with Kali and hand over Divyaam’s responsibilities to Golu.

But Golu is unaware of certain work, and so Divyaam is asked to go for the work. Along with the work, Divyaam is also asked to give the client a bag full of money. Kali calls her friend Shanno, shares every detail, and asks him to steal the money. Divyaam leaves the house with Radhika. On the way, he meets two fake police officers who ask him to come out of the car. But Divyaam fails to understand, and soon, a fake police officer sprays pepper in Divyaam’s eyes while the other tries to snatch the bag from Radhika, but she holds it tight.

Soon, Divyaam becomes stable and beats up the two fake police officers. Later, Divyaam and Radhika reach home safely, and the entire family tries to understand the situation. Later, Bua Ji comes down and blames Radhika for all this. But Divyaam takes a stand for Radhika.

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