SAB TV’s Trideviyaan (Full House Media) are on the roll again!!

This time, it will be Mannu (Shalini Sahuta) and her ‘third eye’ that will be the talk of the town!!

We are saying so, because the upcoming track will have Mannu visualizing certain dreams which will eventually come true!!

As per sources, Mannu who will start seeing dreams will get to be called ‘Sapna Mayya’ wherein her forethoughts and predictions will save certain crime from happening.”

When contacted, Shalini told us, “Yes, Mannu will start seeing dreams and will be called Sapna Mayya. This will be an interesting track.”

We hear that Mannu will foresee a guy being hit by a biker. And the Trideviyaan will rush to the same spot to stop the crime from happening.

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