Interesting drama in Zee TV show …

Meera to choose father over her lover in Zee TV’s Kaleerein

Loyal viewers of Kaleerein on Zee TV (produced by Triangle Films) gear up for a major confrontation between Vivaan (Arjit Taneja) and Meera (Aditi Sharma).

In the plot, Vivaan will repent his mistake of distrusting Meera and blaming her for Pammi’s death. The truth was revealed and the kidnapper got arrested for killing her.

Now, Vivaan will come to reconcile with Meera after she will overcome the injury. However, Amar will stand in between Vivaan and Meera as he wouldn’t want Meera to reconcile with Vivaan.

Vivaan will be heartbroken after Meera would leave the house and break all chords with him. Later, he will again come to meet Meera and confess his love. However, Meera will burst in anger and refuse to accept him. She will choose her father Amar over Vivaan.

Will Vivaan manage to win Meera’s trust back?

We buzzed Aditi but could not get through to her.

Watch this space for more updates.

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