The Colors TV television show Mera Balam Thanedaar is produced by Shashi Sumeet Production a. can gear up for interesting drama. As seen so far, Veer says to Sulakshana that Bulbul can’t do home chores as she has to do studies for the examination. Later, he helps Bulbul to prepare for the examination and motivates her.

Mera Balam Thanedaar Ep 81 24th April 2024 Spoiler

In the upcoming episode, Vardhan blesses Bulbul with a God idol so that she can do her best in life. On the other hand, Veer reassures her that she is prepared before the exam. However, Bulbul tries to negotiate a deal with Veer to pass the test. While Drishti comes up with a new plan. Meanwhile, Varnika snaps at Veer, leaving Bulbul sympathetic

Bulbul comes for the exam all prepared. Later, during the exam, Bulbul catches Varnika cheating and she decides to save Varnika by taking the blame on herself.

Will Bulbul’s sacrifice save Varnika, or will the truth come out?

Starring Shruti Choudhary and Shagun Pandey in lead roles, the show deals with the love story of an IAS officer and a teenage girl. After marriage, the couple deals with the chaos.