Colors TV’s new show Mera Balam Thanedaar, produced by Shashi Sumeet Productions is ruling hearts with interesting storylines. As seen so far, Sulakshana blesses Bulbul after the puja. Veer also feels happy to see Sulakshana and Bulbul’s bond. Sulakshana organizes a big function for Bulbul’s muh dikhai ceremony. Bulbul dresses in a beautiful lehenga and comes to the hall. The family members take her to the couch to sit for the ceremony. However, Sulakshana notices a broken glass on the couch and stops Bulbul from sitting on the couch. She gets angry at the servants for not making proper arrangements.

The guests praise Bulbul at the muh-dikhai rasam. Soon, Bulbul gets a big task from her mother-in-law Sulakshana, who asks her to prepare food for 100 people. Bulbul, who is not a great cook, takes up the challenge. She begins cooking and takes references from videos on social media and some recipe books.

In the coming episode, Bulbul remembers her decision to end her relationship with Veer to save him from getting jailed. Hence, she purposely spoils the food prepared by her by adding extra chilli powder and salt so that she gets blamed for it and gets kicked out of the house. However, Veer and her brother taste the food while Bulbul is away and learn that it tastes bad. Soon, they order food and replace Bulbul’s bad food with the ordered dishes and saves Bulbul’s day.

Starring Shagun Pandey as Veer Pratap Singh and Shruti Choudhary as Bulbul Rajawat, the show Mera Balam Thanedaar delves into the intricacies of a marriage founded on a hidden truth that threatens to unravel the core of their relationship.