Check out Nath Krishna Aur Gauri Ki Kahani Full Ep 762, where Krishna, Jeet, and Gopala perform Chhath Puja on the bank of the river in the article below.

Nath Krishna Aur Gauri Ki Kahani Full Ep 762:  Jeet Gets Entangled Between Krishna And Gopala

In Dangal TV’s show Nath Krishna Aur Gauri Ki Kahani, viewers are witnessing intense drama. Now, the viewers will get to see that Jeet saves Gopala from the fire, and then comes Krishna, who gets shocked looking at Gopala. Before she asks who Gopala is, Muluk comes into the scene and explains that Gopala is her friend’s daughter and she is here for studies.

In the evening, Muluk prepares for Chhath Puja and gives one ‘Thal’ to Gopala as it’s her first Chhath Puja. At the same time, Krishna comes into the scene and takes the ‘Thal’ from Gopala, saying that Gopala doesn’t need to keep fast as she is not married. And then Jeet arrives, and everyone leaves for Chhath Puja.

As soon as everyone reaches the Ghat for Chhath Puja, Krishna prepares for Puja. However, Gopala comes to Ghat, hiding from Krishna. Jeet notices Gopala and plans to finish Puja with Gopala so that she can go home before Krishna can see. Krishna gets ready to do Puja but can’t see Jeet, so she starts to look for him. While searching for Jeet, Krishna reaches the place where Gopala and Jeet are performing Puja; Jeet notices this and goes with Krishna to perform Chhath Puja before Gopala can touch Jeet’s feet. Later, Krishna and Jeet perform Puja. Seeing how Jeet will hide Gopala’s truth from Krishna will be interesting.