Pandya Store the Star Plus show produced by Sphere Origins has seen engaging drama with the love story of Krish and Kirti taking big proportions. We saw how Krish and Kirti decided to elope with money. We saw how Krish stole money from his house and ran away. Suman had searched the entire house and blamed her daughters-in-law for stealing. However, when Krish was brought home and exposed, Dhara (Shiny Doshi) felt responsible for whatever happened. Dhara took all the blame on herself and brooded. This brought about a fight between Shiva and Krish wherein Shiva questioned Krish’s loyalty towards Dhara.

The coming episode will see the already upset Dhara getting into a grave problem. She will save a lady and her kid from an accident on a rain-hit day. She will however get into a mess when the lady will faint in the process. With the weeping kid in her hand, Dhara will not know what to do on the rainy day.

Who are the two members? Will Dhara bring them home?