The entry of Piyush Sahdev will raise a lot of curiosity in Colors’ Devanshi.

Pawan to be Kalki’s saviour in Colors’ Devanshi

Colors’ popular show Devanshi (Full House Media) will soon see the entry of the dashing Piyush Sahdev as the new antagonist!!

The surprise element for the audience will be when Pawan, the character of Piyush will claim to be the over-possessive husband of Kalki Shah (Helly Shah).

And he will be the one who would save Kalki from the menacing plot of Menka is what we hear.

As per reports, “Kalki will in the coming episodes be trapped inside a wall by Menka, in an attempt to kill Kalki. However, the fact of the matter will be that Pawan would have saved Kalki and brought her to his home.”

Soon, the scenes will shift to Kalki living in Pawan’s house wherein the latter will introduced Kalki as his wife.

As per sources, “This huge drama will raise curiosity over the reason why Kalki will be living with Pawan and why he would claim to be her husband.”

We tried buzzing Piyush but could not get through to him.

Are you looking forward to this new twist in the tale in Devanshi?

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