Pragati will yet again take the help of technology to manage a crisis situation in Zee TV’s Sethji.

Pragati to use the ‘water-baby’ technique to save two lives in Zee TV’s Sethji

Loyal viewers of Zee TV’s Sethji (Offshore Productions) have seen the wedding of Baaji (Avinash Mishra) and Pragati (Rumman Ahmed) happening in the last week.

However, the recent differences between Sethji (Gurdeep Kohli) and Pragati have resulted in Sethji going on a forced fast to teach Pragati a lesson as per the ongoing track.

Now, in the coming episodes, Pragati will leave home after getting into a confrontation with Baaji wherein he will scold her for doing things against Sethji’s consent.

Yes, with Pragati moving out of the house, there will be an element of curiosity over whether Sethji will ever accept her into the household again.

However, the next situation that Sethji and Pragati will be put into will be when a villager woman will have a major issue while delivering her kid.

As per sources, “Sethji being a thespian in kids’ delivery will be called to help out the lady having a problem while delivery. However, with Sethji being on a fast, she will find it hard to take the pressure and will collapse while helping out the lady. At the same time, Pragati will be passing by and she will offer to help the lady.”

Now again, the big question of whether Pragati and her new-age views and ideologies help her manage this crisis will be the next big high point….

We hear that Pragati will take the help of her mobile (technology) in the delivery and will use the water-baby technique to bring out the child.
Will Pragati’s ideas help her save two lives? Or will Sethji succeed in her own ways?

We buzzed the actors, but did not get through to them.

Watch this space for more updates.

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